abceda Words of 3 Letters!

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter if an answer is giving you trouble.
Each number has words of the same 3 letters, but in each sentence the three letters are in a different order.
1. a) I want to see his reaction so I'll go up behind him and him on the shoulder. b) I often my jacket pocket to make sure I haven't lost my keys. c) The answer you gave was most .
2. a) A is marshy ground, and is also a vulgar word for the loo. b) is a vulgar word for "mouth".
3. a) A is what a customer gives the waiter if he has given good service. b) A is a hole in the ground, often used for dumping things.
4. a) A dog might do this: at your heels. (you might also say "stop ---ping!" to someone who's irritating you by talking too much) b) I work hard and get good , thank goodness!
5. a) You put your rubbish in a . b) The part of a fountain-pen where the ink comes out is called a .
6. a) "I considered him a - that's why I mugged him!" said the mugger to the police. (this word also means a large cup) b) I love chewing-!
7. a) Instead of "girl", you'll often hear "" in American musicals. b) Come on, Johnny - keep up with us and don't behind!
8. a) "'s in his heaven, all's right with the world" is a line from Pippa Passes, a poem by Robert Browning. b) "Every has its day" is a proverb meaning that everyone, at some time in life, hits a high point.
9. a) He's a politician, and like all politicians, he's got the gift of the . This means he's able to talk glibly and convincingly. b) I put my shopping into my shopping-, of course.
10. a) I'm going to open a of baked beans for breakfast. (In the U.S. - a can) b) You may often find a - or more than one - in a child's hair! (a type of louse)

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