DICTATION: Poem - Westminster Bridgeabceda

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DICTATION: William Wordsworth Poem: Lines Written on Westminster Bridge, 1802. (Before the Industrial Revolution)
Vocabulary: hath = has. Doth = does. Glideth = glides.

Earth hath not anything to show more :
Dull would he be of who could pass by
A sight so in its majesty:
This City now doth, like a , wear
The beauty of the morning; silent, ,
Ships, towers, , theatres and temples lie
Open unto the fields, and to the sky;
All bright and in the smokeless air.
Never did sun more beautifully steep
In his first , valley, rock, or hill;
Ne'er saw I, never felt, a so deep!
The river glideth at his own sweet :
Dear God! The very houses seem asleep;
And all that heart is lying still!

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