Weather Expressions

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter if an answer is giving you trouble.
1. She's a lovely new addition to our team with a different outlook. She's a breath of fresh . (begins with a, 3 letters)
2. It's freezing today - cold enough to freeze the off a brass monkey! (begins with b, 4 letters)
3. We're always ready, come , come shine! (begins with r, 4 letters)
4. My little daughter is a of sunshine in my life. (begins with r, 3 letters)
5. Now is the perfect time to do it, so let's make while the sun shines. (begins with h, 3 letters)
6. Pete's a dreamer. He always has his head in the . (begins with c, 6 letters)
7. True, our business has been a cloud recently, but with a bit of luck we'll the storm. ( (a) begins with u, 5 letters; (b) begins with w, 7 letters))
8. I can't come into work today, sorry. I feel a bit the weather. (begins with u, 5 letters)
9. My wife said she was leaving me. It was totally unexpected. It was a bolt from the ! However ...(begins with b, 4 letters)
10. ... now I love living alone! Yes, I'm happy to say that every cloud has a lining. (begins with s, 6 letters)
11. What? John's trying to set up an airline company? Another mad scheme. He's always rainbows, I'm afraid! (begins with c, 7 letters)
12. I know your boss looks calm since you told him to go jump in the river, but it's just the calm before the - just you wait! (begins with s, 5 letters)
13. Mary was seven sheets to the again yesterday - totally drunk! (begins with w, 4 letters)
14. "Thanks for your offer of a Champagne dinner in your flat," said the model to the so-called film producer, "but if you don't mind I'll take a rain." (begins with c, 5 letters)
15. "Wonderful - I'm pregnant at last!" exclaimed his wife, "I'm on cloud !" (begins with n, 4 letters)