Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter if an answer is giving you trouble.
1. She was once a go-go dancer in a seedy nightclub. Now she's a famous actress. She's certainly a long way since those early days!
2. Sorry, you lost this time! Hard luck! But that's the way the crumbles, I'm afraid.
3. We don't have to fight the manager, you know. Let's plan a campaign to put our point across. Don't forget there's more than one way to a cat!
4. Taking illegal drugs is a -way ticket to disaster! (3 letters)
5. Pretend you don't see me walk out with the secret files! Just the other way!
6. Mary always sulks if she doesn't get her way!
7. I do hope you can see your way to allowing me to have a day off, sir!
8. Mary is so kind! She always out of her way to help anybody!
9. "Where there's a there's a way" is an English proverb.
10. John, please, please listen to me! I'm desperate and don't know which way to for help!
11. "I'm worried, Jane! Last night my boyfriend and I went the way, and I'm afraid I may be pregnant!"
12. Before we ask for a pay rise, let's wait a bit and see which way the blows.
13. When I said you look mature I didn't mean you look old! Please don't take my remark the way!
14. Be careful when you speak to Peter. It's very easy to him up the wrong way!
15. I'm coughing because I've just eaten a biscuit and it down the wrong way!
16. Don't worry about letting your daughter go on holiday alone. I'm sure she's got her screwed on the right way!
17. That Internet site cheats everyone and they're making a fortune! Its owners must be all the way to the bank!
18. To be "in the way" is a euphemism for being pregnant. However, this expression is dying out.