The Return

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This morning as soon as the alarm clock her, Mary got up, on her slippers and went downstairs. She breakfast for her son, david, and when he had gone to school, she in her best dress, checked in the mirror to sure that she looked as attractive as possible, the house, got into her car and drove the thirty kilometres the airport.

Unfortunately, on the way there was a lot of traffic so it her much longer than she had anticipated, and she reached the airport late. She quickly the car and ran into the arrivals lounge feeling very worried. The flight was due to land at 10am and it was 10:45.

There were lots of people around and she to panic! He wasn't there! Maybe he had chosen to come! She took her out of her handbag and his number. No response - he must have decided not to come after all!

She could hardly back the tears as she slowly walked to her car: he had chosen not to come! Even after all this time he was still remaining on that distant island. He had obviously decided to renew his work contract and there.

As she tried to unlock the car with trembling hands, she dropped the keys on the . By now she crying desperately, realising that she would return home alone, and would have to face David when he came from school.

Sobbing, she down to pick up the keys, but another hand was holding ! She looked up. There he was, smiling lovingly down on her, and her heart filled joy - he had come back for ever!