??? Idioms - Sea and Ships

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter if an answer is giving you trouble. (you can find a clue to most missing words in brackets after the prompt)

1. "It's an emergency!" exclaimed the boss, "so I want all hands on !" (all members of the team should get involved)
2. I'm afraid the whole workforce, including the management, will lose their jobs. They're all in the same ! (everyone in the same unfortunate situation)
3. No, I wasn't seriously involved with Julie. It was just a brief affair - more like ships that pass in the . (brief acquaintances)
4. My goodness - Mary's put on weight. She's become really broad in the ! (wide hips or buttocks)
5. Is everything shipshape and Bristol ? (precise; in good order)
6. If I were you I would give Janet a wide - she's bad news! BEGINS with b ..(keep away; avoid being friendly or having close contact)
7. It's best to let sleeping dogs lie, I think, and keep calm. In other words let's not rock the or make waves. (do something that mat aggravate the present situation)
8. We have to be careful about giving John a job with such responsibility - he's such a loose ! (unpredictible and liable to cause trouble if not controlled)
9. It may be good to take the new firm board, as they could definitely have a positive effect on our business. (bringing them in as members of the team)
10. Instead of trying to save our firm, Ed and his crew are leaving like rats deserting a ship! (abandoning)
11. Larry's taking more risks which may even be illegal. He's sailing close to the ! (coming close to breaking the law)
12. We're definitely going to push the boat this weekend! It will be our 10th anniversary! (spend money to mark a special occasion)
13. If you wish to join our organisation, you'll have to be meticulous and hard-working. The boss runs a tight . (strict management)
14. I don't know which way to turn. Both alternatives look risky. I'm caught between the and the deep blue sea!
15. Aggie doesn't seem to know what she's doing! She seems all sea! (vague; confused and uncertain)
16. You've got yourself deep water, Peter, and I'm afraid I can't help you. (serious trouble)
17. Everything's ok now. Everything was sorted out without problems. It was all sailing! (smooth, easy progress)
18. All ready to go? OK, so let's get the project under! (launch; start)
19. I was very excited - Mary said she would come home with me after the disco, but I waited in vain for her. She disappeared and left me high and ! (stranded; deserted)
20. She was definitely three sheets to the when she left the disco, after all those vodka shots! (very drunk)