Proverbs and Expressions

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter if an answer is giving you trouble.
1. Don't about the bush.
2. You can't get out of a stone.
3. A rolling stone gathers no .
4. He who pays the piper the tune.
5. Birds of a feather flock .
6. He always keeps his cards close to his .
7. Let's get down to brass .
8. People who live in houses shouldn't throw stones.
9. You made your bed - now you must in it!
10. Blood is thicker than .
11. All that glitters is not .
12. A stitch in time saves .
13. It never rains but it .
14. One man's meat is another man's .
15. A miss is as good as a .
16. Every cloud has a silver .
17. Make hay while the sun .
18. Strike while the iron's .
19. It's an ill wind that nobody any good.
20. Live and let . (not die - that's just the title of a James Bond film!)
21. Mind your and Q's.
22. To get permission to build a new house in the country you must cut through all the tape.
23. He did the dirty on me. He sold me down the !
24. To gain a victory we'll have to out all the stops!
25. I can't meet you tonight, so I'll take a rain if you don't mind.
26. You stole my fiancee but I'll get with you sooner or later!
27. John stole some money - now he'll have to face the .
28. Yes, she's dead! She kicked the last week - now she's up daisies!
29. He the beans to the police when they questioned him, means he told them everything.
30. Wait a minute! Don't rush! your horses!
31. It was really easy! It was a of cake.
32. John's oiled - he's been drinking since this morning!
33. She never puts a foot wrong. She's totally honest. You could say she's squeaky !
34. She’s always stressed - she should let her hair more often!
35. Ok, don’t get up- just because she laughed at your new hairstyle! Take it easy!