Mixed Phrasal Verbs - very advanced level!

Fill the gaps with the correct words.
1. That crook pretended to be a financial advisor. Luckily, I through him before investing any money!

2. Our TV's too loud. We can even hear it here in the garden! My boots are too grubby to go into the house so could you see it, please?

3. Mary's just 50 metres ahead of us! Could you up with her and give her this letter, please?

4. John really did not want to take the children fishing with him but had no valid excuses so he couldn't get of it!

5. He's very ambitious and clever; he started as an office boy, now he's the office manager and soon he be taking the whole business!

6. Old Joe's retiring at the end of the month, so let's have a whip- and get him a good present.

7. It's after midnight and I'm tired so I think it's time for me to turn .

8. She's been sacked twice this year! She just doesn't know how to hold a job!

9. The Prime Minister in for a lot of criticism when he announced that the government were icreasing the income tax rate!

10. Put the documents into my in-tray and I'll probably round to doing them next week.