MAKE and DO more

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter if an answer is giving you trouble.
MAKE and DO - >> Listen to people talking and you will certainly hear these very common expressions! Fill the gaps!

1. Even with binoculars I can't make the ship's name - it's still too far away! (difficult to see)
2. Gabi and Oscar are always arguing! Last week they fell , but yesterday they kissed and made . Now they're lovely-dovey again.
3. That walk was really tiring. It nearly did me ! (killed me)
4. I'm not completely sure of the way to Leicester Square, but I do know that if you make Piccadilly Circus, you'll be very near.
5. Ladies and Gentlemen - please stand aside and make for the Olympic Torch which will pass here in less than a minute!
6. Congratulations! done!
7. It's ok now, so stop crying young lady and do your face. You make- has run down both cheeks. (repair; cosmetics)
8. I know you got some new clients today, Karolina. But remember: one swallow doesn't make a !
9. Hi Vicky! Can you me a favour and lend me £100? I'm a bit short of cash today.
10. The pop gropu are no longer struggling. Their last album sold over 10 million, so they've really it into the big-time!
11. I have no sympathy for you! You made your , now you must lie in it!
12. Smith confessed to everything. He made a clean of his part in the robbery.
13. I feel great now! That medicine really did the - it completely cured me!
14. Come on - drink up! This medicine will definitely do you .

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