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My wife always the washing up, of course. I insist!
You your bed, now you must lie in it!
He a mistake but he's sorry and now wants to amends.
Can you me a favour, please? Will you lend me £100?
It's already nearly midday, darling. We've love all night, so now please an effort and get up!
A glass or two of wine a day you good.
I can't be sure I'll win the race but I'll my best!
Last night when you were drunk, you a complete fool of yourself ... but I adore you anyway!
Mary was such a clever hairdresser that she a fortune!
My dog always jumps up and a fuss of me when I return home.
I've got to a long train journey to Russia next week.
" your worst - you'll never convict me of the burglaries!" shouted the burglar.
"Shush! Don't a sound!" whispered my wife, "I think there's a burglar in the house!"
I'd better my homework now.
"Whatever you say, it won't any difference! I'm leaving you!" said my wife. (thank god!)
The burglar was convicted and time - 5 years inside.
"Can I a suggestion, darling?" said my new girlfriend, " more money or we're history!"
"Here's £50,000, my dear," I said, "Can you with that?" "I suppose I'll have to," she replied.

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