I adore idioms

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter if an answer is giving you trouble.
1. Iza's running around like a blue-arsed trying to get her flat shipshape before Jim moves in! -- an insect
2. Mike knows London like the of his hand. -- not the front
3. Manuela was terribly overdressed at the wedding - she was all dressed up like a dog's . -- evening meal
4. I went to the pub last night and now I've got a hangover. I feel like warmed up! -- opposite of life
5. If you want to catch your boyfriend at the airport before he gets his plane back to Germany, you'll have to drive like ! -- crazy
6. The girls in the karaoke bar were drinking vodka like it was going out of ! -- new clothes
7. Andrew was in a tizzy! He was running around like a chicken. (8 letters; starts with h..) -- decapitated!
8. Karolina was very irritable this morning. She was like a bear with a head! -- painful
9. I am so precise that everything I organise works like . -- mechanical
10. It was pouring with rain and when she reached home she looked like a drowned . -- rodent
11. When John was found not guilty of the crime, he came out of court smiling like a cat. -- cat from Alice in Wonderland
12. The theatre tickets were so cheap they were selling like cakes. -- more than warm
13. The party invitation had said "Dress: casual" so when Eva turned up in a formal black costume she stood out like a sore . -- shortest digit
14. The small child took to tennis lessons like a duck to . -- H2O
15. Pete wanted to invite Mary out, but she gave him the cold-shoulder. Then he gave her a bunch of flowers and it worked like a . -- ??
16. He always looks awkward when he goes to business meetings, and doesn't fit in at all. He seems like a out of water. -- trout, salmon, seabass ...
17. Tickets for Lily Allen's new gig are like gold ! -- furniture gets covered in it!
18. When the climber slipped he hung on to the protruding rock like grim ! -- (see number 4)
19. That train journey was terrible - we were packed in like . -- small fishes
20. Telling Gordon that his economic plans were a disaster was like a red to a bull! -- cloth, duster

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