expressions with dark and light

Light and Dark

Fill all the gaps to make expressions with the words light and dark.
1. There's light at the end of the , means that although bad, there is evidence that things are going to get better.

2. I can easily carry Mary on my shoulders. She's as light as a !

3. Harry's a dark . He always gives the impression that he is poor, but secretly he's been making lots of money on the stock market!

4. Many hands make light .

5. Mobile telephones are light away from the earlier ones which were enormous, heavy, and you could speak on them for only a few minutes!

6. Don't tell the children that we're going to the circus next week - it dark!

7. Someone stole the money off my desk. James, can you some light on the theft?

8. I had three glasses of wine a short time ago and now I feel quite light-!

9. John thinks he's going to be promoted to manager of the shop, but I think he's just in the dark!

10. The government has just given the light to building more nuclear power plants. I think this decision is wrong!

11. In the night-club, when the lights were soft and I'd had a few drinks, I thought I was in love with Linda, but in the light of day I realised that it was just an illusion!

12. Amsterdam's -light district is slowly being sanitised. The same happened to London's Soho and Paris's Pigalle many years ago, and now they're pretty innocuous