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HORSEY EXPRESSIONS - fill the blanks. All these expressions are in regular use!

1. YOUR HORSES! - this means: Wait, don't do it yet!
2. DON'T PUT THE BEFORE THE HORSE - don’t do things in the wrong order
3. HE'S A HORSE! - someone who surprises, because they do something that they are not thought to be capable of.
4. YOU'RE FLOGGING A HORSE - trying to succeed with something that has no chance of success (like trying to get blood out of a stone)
5. DON'T LOOK A HORSE IN THE MOUTH - don’t find faults with something offered freely to you.
6. DON'T GET ON YOUR HORSE! - stop talking as if you have superior knowledge about a subject.
7. HAVE GOOD HORSE - know instinctively the best way to do things
8. I COULD A HORSE. - you say this when you're very hungry
9. IT COMES STRAIGHT FROM THE HORSE'S - the information comes directly from its source, so it should be genuine
10. YOU CAN A HORSE TO WATER BUT YOU CAN'T MAKE IT DRINK. - you can try, but if the person you're trying to persuade doesn't want to do it, there's nothing you can do!
11. IT'S A -HORSE RACE - no one else has a chance of winning!
12. This is a -HORSE TOWN - said by someone from a big city who feels superior when in a small town or village. (originally from U.S A. Westerns)
13. SHUT THE STABLE DOOR AFTER THE HORSE HAS - take precautions against something happening when it's already too late.
14. A -ING HORSE - a politician who tests the strength of a party's support for its leader, and probably intends to try to oust the leader.
15. A HORSE. - someone who damages an organisation from within.
16. You're BACKING THE HORSE - you’re are betting on the side that can’t win, to warn someone that the person or organisation he is supporting is the one that will lose.
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