abceda Facial expressions; grin, smile...

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter if an answer is giving you trouble.
1. I know your broken leg is painful, but until the operation you'll just have to grin and it! (The whole word is 4 letters)
2. A w smile is more-or-less a smile of resignation. (The whole word - including the "w" - is 3 letters)
3. When someone stood on her toe in the bus, she made a gri. (The whole word is 7 letters)
4. A irk is a kind of lop-sided smile when you are secretly laughing at another person's misfortune. (5)
5. If you turn your upper lip up and look at someone, it is a sn. (5)
6. If you look dag at someone it means that you want them to know your are extremely annoyed with them! (7)
7. When you see a beautiful sunset you might do this, It's also the way you may look at the person you're in love with. You just ze in admiration. (4)
8. When you tell a shy young girl that she is beautiful, she will probably sh. (5)
9. If you've been running or are very excited and go very red, you are fluing. (8)
10. If you are a man with a strong physical desire for a woman and you can't hide it, you may dr. (5)
11. If you are short-sighted or you are trying to read in bad light and you screw your eyes up, you are squing. (9
12. In some places, like on buses or on the Underground, although eating smelly food isn't actually banned by law, it is nevertheless often frd on by other passengers! (7)

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