abceda Food Idioms

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter if an answer is giving you trouble.
1. I've got a big problem and I'm in trouble - I'm in a real ! (CLUE: popular dish, especially Irish, with meat, potatoes, vegetables OR vegetables in vinegar (both are correct)
2. It was too hot to handle - he didn't want to get involved - so he dropped it like a hot ! (CLUE: vegetable with eyes)
3. You look very smug and secretive. You look like the cat that got the ! (dairy product)
4. The poor, hungry family is waiting for father to come home, hopefully boasting a new job and food for dinner! They hope he'll bring home the . (slices of pork for breakfast)
5. The British Olympic athletes performed up to, or even better than, expectations: they certainly cut the ! (yellow, spicy dressing, famously from Dijon, France)
6. The politician gave cast-iron assurances that taxes would not rise, but the very next day they did! He was embarrassed, He had on his face ... (laid by hens)
7. ... the opposition party went on the attack and the situation for all they were worth! (dairy product)
8. Whatever you do, don't tell anyone! Don't spill the ! (small vegetables, often dried; or in tins with tomato sauce).
9. Attempt to gain favour, or get into someone's good books, by ingratiating oneself, or by flattery: to favour. (popular spicy dish, typically from India)
10. The twins look exactly the same as each other - they're like two in a pod! (small round green vegetable)
11. I love my three children, but little Mary is the of my eye! (fruit - and I recommend trying the best variety - British Cox!)
12. The ministers of the European Parliament get a huge salary and enormous perks - they're on the train! (sauce poured over cooked food)

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