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Expressions relating to fighting and violence.

1. His violent father was so furious with him that he beat him black and !
2. If you don't bring me the money you owe me by tonight I'll beat the living out of you.
3. The argument became so heated that they almost to blows.
4. The two brothers are always fighting like and dog!
5. I'm not sure if I can get promotion, but I'll fight tooth and to eventually become the director!
6. It seems we are fighting an uphill and are unlikely to succeed.
7. When the football hooligans from rival teams hit the streets after the match, there was a free-for-.
8. OK, then - you are responsible for this! I won't be Mr Niceguy anymore after today! The gloves are !
9. White-van drivers often get frustrated with less experienced drivers, and yell and curse them! It's called road !
10. When his neighbours built an extremely high fence adjoining his garden, he was up-in- and threatened to tear it down!