How to Drive in the UK

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter if an answer is giving you trouble.
He's getting the car which is parked on the left of the road.
He's fastening his -belt and then adjusting the -view mirror.
He's making sure the car is in gear and the hand- is on.
He's placing the ignition into the ignition and starting the engine by turning the ignition.
He down lightly on the accelerator pedal, pressing the clutch and sliding the -lever into first gear.
He's looking in his rear- mirror to make sure the road behind is .
He's switching on the right indicator to show he's out, then turning the steering and gently pressing the accelerator.
The road is so he is pulling out into the traffic.
He's changing second gear and accelerating, then changing up to third and then to fourth and finally to gear.

He's is the lane in a two-lane highway and there's a slow vehicle in front of him.
He's and indicating that he's pulling out.
He's the slower vehicle and is now in the outside .

The traffic light in front of him has just to amber.
He's taken his foot the accelerator and is down by pressing the and changing down.
He's up at the lights.
The light is changing from red to amber and then to so he's pulling .

He's decided to turn left so he's flicked on his left .
He's checked in his rear-view to make sure there is nothing on his inside.
He's turning the highway into a small road.
Oops! A child has run into the road and he has to suddenly.
No harm done! He braked just time!
A takes through traffic over a busy junction. ---- An goes under a busy junction. ---- A -road takes vehicles off the motorway ---- On a motorway, the hard- is for emergency stops only.