Do It Yourself

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter if an answer is giving you trouble.
1, If a pipe is leaking in your house, you normally call a .
2, To stop electrical wires from short-circuiting you may use insulation . (starts with t...)
3, If you have to change a pane of glass in your window, you call a .
4. To make the surface of wood smooth after cutting it you use a tool called a .
5. You use to stick things together. It usually comes in a tube. (4 letters, starts with g...)
6. To make the spaces between bathroom tiles waterproof, you use sealant, or . (5 letters, starts with g...)
7. If you want to work on an object on a work-bench and hold it firm, you use a . (5 letters, begins with c...)
8. A pane of glass fits into a window-.
9. If a house's front door has no bell, you'll probably use the door-, which is in the centre of the door and used manually. (7 letters, starts with k,,,)
10. You use padding or cladding round a boiler to prevent heat-. (4 letters, starts with l...)
11. To hammer a wooden peg into a hole in a piece of wood, the tool you use is a .
12. To make a hole through a piece of metal or wood, a is normally used. (4 letters, starts with d...)
13. To knock a nail into a piece of wood the tool you use is a .
14. If you have various small, general repair jobs to do around the house, you may call a .
15. If a knife isn't sharp it is so you should it.
16. If the outside of one of your house walls is not insulated properly against water, the inside wall will become . (4 letters, starts with d...)
17. A -level is used to check to see if a surface is level or flat.
18. If you call a plumber to repair your gas boiler in the UK, he has to be registered.
19. When painting you may use -tape to cover areas you want to protect from the paint.
20. If a hole appears in a water pipe in your house and water drips out, it's called a .

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