Idioms - clean and dirty!abceda

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
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1. Joe has never bothered too much about being meticulous, but he'll definitely have to clean up his in his new job! (3 letters)
2. Our neighbour complimented my wife on her attractive dress. When I replied that my wife had bought it at a charity shop, my wife gave me a very dirty . I can't think why. (5)
3. My boss found the discrepancy in the accounts, so his secretary had to make a clean of it. (clue: another word for chest - 6)
4. When he was ill in hospital, Peter did the on John - he had a fling with John's wife! (5)
5. John decided to separate from his wife. He simply walked out of her life, believing it better to make a clean rather than prolong the unhappy relationship. (5)
6. Something I hate is to see my neighbour and his wife shouting at each other in the street and washing their dirty in public! (clue: it's on your bed - 5)
7. Liverpool won the Championship, the UEFA Cup and the Premier League! It was a clean of all the important titles! (clue: like a brush - 5)
8. No, you'll have to steal the documents yourself. I'm not going to do your dirty for you! (4)
9. The police tried to find evidence of a crime when they investigated him, but he came out as clean as a . (clue: you blow it to make a noise - 7)
10. He ran so fast in the race that he showed all the other runners a clean pair of ! (clue: these come with toes - 5)
11. They'll never find that so-called mafia hit-man guilty of murder. Whenever they investigate him, he comes up clean! (clue: noise made by a mouse - 7)
12. Ringo Falconi, the infamous footballer, always dirty. That's why he's always getting the red card and being sent off. (5)
13. He served a 5-year prison sentence for his crime, and now he feels he's wiped the clean and will be able to start afresh. (clue: school children used to use this to write on - 5)
14. The minister denied embezzling the funds, but in the end he had to clean. (confess, 4 letters)

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