Compound Nouns 1abceda

Gap-fill exercise

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers. If you need a letter, scroll down and click HINT to get one.
1. Before take-, passengers have to fasten their seat belts.
2. John's behaving badly these days, and needs a good talking-.
3. The fact that you can't concentrate when doing exams is a serious draw!
4. My ambition to create a hostel for homeless people has suffered a huge set, since financing is hard to find.
5. You can't get off the coach here - you'll have to wait till we get to the drop- point.
6. The critics gave the new film a good write- in the papers.
7. I saw Mary and her nasty neighbours having a real set- outside their block of flats last night!
8. It seems there was a mix- in the maternity ward and Jane was given the wrong baby!
9. Let's just give our plan a run-h before carrying it out to make sure there are no loose ends.
10. It's good to keep a supply of pain- handy as a stand-by in case of necessity.

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