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Destination: Shortlands, Hammersmith

Meet at 08.00 - Depart 08.10 from Shortlands

off Hammersmith Road W6.

A day excursion by coach, on Saturday 21st February, toThe University City of Cambridge and Ancient Ely - fare £21 includes Ely entrance.

Cambridge is a beautiful city with one of the oldest universities in Britain.

The University, which is nearly 800 years old, consists of autonomous colleges dotted about the town. The colleges are under the general umbrella of an administrative and examining body. Its members are elected by the colleges themselves.

For many years the University was also in charge of the town’s administration, and this led to riots: fights between the townsfolk and the university’s students. The differences between the two has the name “town and gown” - gown was what the students wear.

Nowadays things are much more peaceful!

Ely on the river Ouse, is home to the fascinating ancient Ely Cathedral, and was also the home of Oliver Cromwell, who ruled England in the 17th Century and ordered the beheading of King Charles I.

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