Some BODY idioms

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter if an answer is giving you trouble.
1. My teenage daughter bought a sexy, almost transparent dress to go to a friend's party. I was adamant: I told her she could wear it over my body. (it means never, if I could prevent it!)
2. After robbing the bank, I jumped into my car and drove away fast, just as the police pulled up outside the bank. I escaped by the skin of my . (a narrow escape)
3. You deserve a pat on the for the good work you've done for the children's charity in the last 5 years. (congratulations)
4. Don't panic! What I told you isn't true! I was just your leg! (joking)
5. When I see people refusing to get a job and just living on government handouts, or benefits, it makes my blood ! (makes me angry!)
6. Don't worry - your secret is safe with me. I'll never tell anyone. My lips are . (keep a secret)
7. Sabrine has been studying hard for weeks without a break. So finally, this Friday, she's decided to go out with friends and let her down! (have a good, uninhibited time out)
8, Whatever you do, don't get depressed. Come on, keep your chin ! (be optimistic)
9. Bob started gambling, but soon he was spending all his money on roulette, including his rent. And he couldn't escape. He was in over his . (too deeply)
10. Eat your out, John! Yesterday I went out with Maria, the girl you dream about! We had a really great evening and ended up with breakfast in her flat! (be jealous or envious!)

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