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Watch the Birdie!
1. I’m finally on holiday and feel as as a bird!
2. It may be nice weather today, but two swallows don't make a .
3/4. Don’t count your chickens before they ! Remember, a bird in the hand is two in the bush.
5. He sees everything! He’s eagle !
6. It only 20 miles as the crow .
7. From the top of the building he had a bird's eye of the whole crowd.
8. He’s really sagacious - as as an owl.
9. Sorry, Livia isn’t here at present. She’s gone to a hen - the last evening before her friend gets married!
10. She was as as a peacock in her new dress!
11. Children should learn to enjoy poetry and not just learn it parrot .
12. When the police showed him the evidence against him, he realised that his goose was .
13. When you knew him he was just an office worker, but nowadays he’s at the top of the ladder! He’s a real flyer! (no bird here!)
14. You promised to fight him! You can’t chicken now or everyone will think you’re a coward!
15. You’ll never become part of that group as they all have the same idea! Don’t forget, birds of flock together
16. How did I know you were coming to visit me? "Well, a little told me."
17. Whatever you say there's no way your plan will be a success, so go it to the birds!
18. When the police broke into the thieves’ hideout, the found that the birds had !
19. Get up early and find a job - it’s the early bird that catches the .
20. I can do the shopping when returning from my appointment. In that way I’ll two birds with one stone.
21. Your children are nearly teenagers now and interested in the opposite sex, so it’s about time you told them about he birds and the !
22. When the gang insulted him he didn't turn a hair! It was like water off a duck's .
23. He's losing his hair at a remarkable rate! Soon he'll be as as a coot!
24. OMG - they're shooting at us! Quick - behind this wall!
25. When we confronted him he just turned and ran like a bat out of !
26. I won't accept that job because they only pay chicken-.
27. When he saw the chaos in his office after the burglars had trashed it he just panicked and ran around like a chicken!
28. Forget that project now. It's dead. As dead as a .
29. What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the .
30. Did he find the new job hard and difficult to understand? Not at all! He took to it like a duck to .

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